Timesavers offers an extensive selection of wide belt sanders, segmented polishers, orbital sanders, slag grinders, dust collectors and much more.   Optimally suited for small to mid-sized cabinet, mill-work and furniture plants, 2300 Series machines feature standard components other manufacturers offer only as options. Having one to three heads and 37-52” widths, these powerhouses deliver a substantial bang for the buck. The combination head is situated in the last position for versatility. And the 75” long abrasive belt (103” on 52” version) is made for longer abrasive belt life.   A fully customizable machine that can be equipped with a variety of heads (including cross-belt, drum, combination, dual-action, segmented, dual-action segmented and chevron), making it a great choice for small to mid-sized cabinet, mill-work and furniture plants seeking maximum versatility. Ideal for wide belt sanding & calibrating, veneer or lacquer sanding and panel sanding.

Please contact me for more information:  Bobby Thuston – Southwood Machinery Inc.

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